Downsizing Your Living Situation

February 3rd, 2020

Downsizing Your Living Situation

Marty Norton – Marc Gup Real Estate Group

Recently, I represented a seller (my wife) looking to move from a 2,300 Square Foot home to a 1,100 Square Foot Condo.   Arriving at the decision was easy, and creating a strategy was easy, but executing the plan is where the challenge surfaced.   Once the decision to move is made, you will need a minimum of 6 weeks to get your property in order.   Make a list of what you need, such as plastic bins, markers, packing tape, etc.    Go to each room and decide what is to be kept and what items you can live without. Start in the basement and attic and remove all larger pieces of furniture first and move it to the garage.   Next, go room by room and again decide what is to be kept, sold, given away, or donated.   Utilize an online sales site, like FB Marketplace, Craig’s list, etc. and price things to sell quickly.  Refrain from becoming emotionally involved with anything to be given away since this may stall your progress.   The goal is to move things out of the house within a set time period.   Your house is on the market so every day is valuable and should not be wasted.

Selling your home and removing furniture and “stuff” will help to make the property show well, since less is better.   Making calls to friends, relatives, colleagues and offering them first refusal may be a good idea.  Measure the rooms in the home that you are heading to and determine what will fit and what you can leave behind.   Please do not try to sort through everything in one day or one week, and spread this task out over the time that remains, especially if you are under contract.   Use Goodwill, Habitat for humanity, and the local recycling center.

If you are moving from a larger house to a smaller home or condo, closet space may be limited, or there may be a lack of garage space, attic, outbuilding, etc.   Getting rid of all of the larger items first is a good idea and sorting through smaller items toward the closing date is a good plan.   Keep some “negotiable” ideas until after inspections such as snow blower, lawn mower, cord of wood etc. since you may need to offer these items rather than repair or replace something that was discovered during the home inspection.   For example, the buyer may ask for a snow blower instead of asking the seller to repair a small item.

Label each box by categories: Holiday ornaments, kid’s toys, letters, photos, postcards, and keepsakes.   Keep all financial items with you and transport them via your personal vehicle. Keep anything like receipts, files, or change of clothing in a readily accessible location during the final two days of the transaction prior to the closing.

Communicate with your wife, husband, or partner frequently so as not to discard anything sacred. Prepare to disagree on some valuable furniture, artifacts, and photographs.  Last but not least…..enjoy the process!

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